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Exclusive Interview with Colt Cabana (english)


Veröffentlicht am: 13.08.2002, 00:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Interview
Verfasser: maulo
CAGEMATCH: What first made you want to get into pro wrestling? Were you a wrestling fan growing up? When did you say, "That is what I want to do"? And what did your family/friends say about that?

Colt Cabana: I've always wanted to be involved in pro wrestling. When I was three years old I fell in love with pro wrestling. Nothing ever made a huge impression on me like pro wrestling did. Later in Junior Highschool I sort of came to the realization that this is what I wanted to do for a living. I was probably twelve at the time. My parents are very supportive and so are my friends. They enjoy coming to the local shows and cheering me on.

Who trained you? What was the first week of your professional wrestling training like? Was it hard to start professional training?

I was trained in a dojo in Chicago, Illinois called the Steel Domain. My trainers were Ace Steel and Danny Dominion. The first week of my wrestling training, the ring was actually not even set up as it was getting fixed. The first week I just learned a lot of chain wrestling and the basics of wrestling. The following weeks were the rougher ones where I got whooped into shape and was toughen up big time.

Could you give us please some impressions of your first match, your first oppenent and how long it did take you to train for it?

My first opponent was Eric Freedom dressed up as Doink the Clown. It was at a Fair in Wisconsin. I'd been training for about two-three months at the time. I was going to different shows and helping put up and breaking down the ring. The promoter, Rockin' Randy, said a wrestler of this masked tag team couldn't make the show and asked if I wanted to do it. I asked my trainer if I was ready, and he said it would be a good experience.

Let's talk about IWA Mid-South. How did you get involved in them and what do you think about the fans?

Dave Prazak got me my first shot in IWA Mid-South. From there Ian really took a liking to me and gave me some steady work against some great talent. Their fans really love their product and are very emotional over IWA Mid-South. That's very admirable and it makes for a great surrounding.

What do you think about performing in front of the crowd and does it matter for you, whether there are 100 or just ten people out there?

Well... it's always nice to perform infront of a packed house. Either way I'll always put on a good performance for a paying customer. You gotta make the fans happy!

Do you feel fans today are too demanding? Is it to much "we want more high spots and bumps"?

To a point. A lot of the time you ask yourself, "how can I top this, how can I top that?". I think with ROH the fans just appreciate the pure wrestling. Pure pro wrestling isn't anything too demanding. It's what we were all trained to do.

Would you please describe your gimmick "Classic" to us? Who came up with this idea? And further, who came up with your entrance theme "Copa Cabana"?

Barry Mantilow came up with Copa Cabana. That's his song, he wrote it, I give him all the credit. I think using it for an intro is pretty self explanitory. As far as "Classic" goes. There's never really been a "classic" before so I always wanted to use it. Plus it kinda just sums up all the sillyness that I put together... classic!

How well, in your opinion, are you and your gimmick received by the fans?

I think it's recieved very well. Everyone tries to be Mr. Serious and kick everyones ass. I just try to be me and make people laugh and enjoy thereselves at a pro wrestling event.

Now let's talk about Ring Of Honor. How did you get involved in them and what do you think about the fans?

They approached me at a show in while I was in Philadelphia, PA. Eight months later, they gave me the buzz and asked me to debut with their promotion. As far as their fans go, I love them. They love wrestling and I love to let them love wrestling!

Would you please describe your opinion on the "Code of Honor"? And do you think, that there should be also other promotions using such a "code"?

It's important for ROH because it differentiates them from everyone. ROH does a great job of seperating themselves from indies around the country. It's little stuff like that which makes them the best thing going.

Besides IWA Mid-South and Ring of Honor you wrestled for lots of other US Indy pomotions is there. Is there one promotion you would consider "your home"? And which have been your favourite promotions to work for?

ROH is my home. There's no doubt about that. I do enjoy wrestling for IWC in Pittsburgh, MAW in Milwaukee, MMWA in Michigan, IPW in Florida and many others around the country.

Are there some people in the business, that you would call "friends"?

There are some people that I would call friends. There used to be people in wrestling that were my best friends, but I think I made the mistake of trusting people and not taking them for what they are. That's why I try not to become too close to people in wrestling because it's hard to find "real" people in indy wrestling.

Does winning championship belts mean anything special to you?

Sure it does. It means that the promotion has enough faith in me for them to put a belt on me. That means that I've worked hard for the promoter and he's rewarding me for my hard work.

What are your future plans?

I plan on wrestling forever.

Do you give some advices for upcoming wrestlers?

Look like a wrestler. Go to a place of training and get your ass whooped because it's gonna happen eventually.

If you had the chance to book one match for Colt Cabana, what kind of match would it be and who would be the opponent?

Cabana vs. Jesus

If somebody would ask "Who is Colt Cabana!?", how would you describe yourself to him/her?

Colt Cabana's the slickest motherfucker you've ever met. If you have a hot mom, I'd watch out because Cabana's probably gonna or already has banged her.

Would you please tell us, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I work out a lot. I watch a lot of movies and TV. I attempt to sew. I also like food, good food preferably.

Is there anything you want to say to your German fans?

Gooden Hagen?!?!?! Also, go to and buy my stuff!!!

Word Associations

Sports Entertainment: Slam Ball
"Wrestling is fake!": Are you retarded?
Vince McMahon: Hopefully the name on the bottom of the checks!
Ring Of Honor: Best Thing going in the US
Ace Steel: 1/2 of my training. Thank you
Danny Dominion: Other half of the training, thanks also
AJ Styles: Phenominal...right?
Chicago: My domain. Wrestling scene blows.
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