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Frankie Kazarian (english)


Veröffentlicht am: 14.11.2002, 00:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Interview
Verfasser: Cide
CAGEMATCH: Thank you for giving us from the chance to ask some questions.


CAGEMATCH: What first made you want to get into pro wrestling? Were you a wrestling fan growing up? When did you say, \"That is what I want to do\"? And what did your family/friends say about that?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I was always a huge fan of pro wrestling. Ever since I was Seven years old. It was a big part of my life growing up. I knew that all I ever wanted to do was become a pro wrestler. I was kinda on the small side, but that wasn\'t gonna stop me. I made my decision to actually pursue a career after high school, instead of going to college. My friends and family were nothing but totally supportive.

CAGEMATCH: Where did you start wrestling and who trained you?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I started training at Killer Kowalskis institute of pro wrestling. I saved up the money, and drove from California to Massachusetts.

CAGEMATCH: Let’s go through some promotions you’ve worked for. First of “the big one”, the WWF(E). You’ve had several matches there with some guys from SoCal. What do you think about your matches there and about the atmosphere in the arena and backstage?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Working for the WWE is always a thrill to me because it is my dream, and I get to experience it. Every time I have wrestled there, everyone has been very cool. The atmosphere was great, and I felt confident being there. All the boys put me at ease based on how friendly and approachable they were.

CAGEMATCH: Next up it’s UPW in California. You wrestle there for quite a while and you even held the Tag Team Belts with your partner Nova. UPW is one of the “bigger” promotions on the west coast, so what do you think about your position there and the promotion itself?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: UPW has been very good to me. I have been there Three years now. They gave me a platform to perform, and it was there where I really got a chance to prove myself in California, and everyone else watching. UPW is ran very smooth, and I am glad to be a part of it. It has been a great mutual partnership.

CAGEMATCH: Speaking of Nova. You and Nova built the team of “Evolution”. When and why did this partnership start? And what do you think did you get/learn out of this partnership?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Nova and myself began teaming in early 2001. We instantly clicked as a team. Our styles are very similar The team was immieaditly successful because I believe we both posses a solid will to want to perform at the highest level possible.

CAGEMATCH: One more word on Nova: What do you think about him, both, as a person and a wrestler?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Nova and I actually become good friends once we teamed up. I have learned a lot from Nova. He has helped me get more exposure across the country as well. He is very knowledgeable, and I just absorb as much as I can. He is a great wrestler, and an even better person.

CAGEMATCH: In 2002 you’ve had a great chance. You had the chance to wrestle in Japan for the ZERO-ONE Promotion. Tell us something about your time in Japan.

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Japan was a tremendous experience Nova and myself teamed up over there. I had always wanted to go to Japan, so this was great. We had the opportunity to wrestle some great teams such as Tanaka and Otani, and Steve Corino and C.W. Anderson.

CAGEMATCH: Do you think your travel to Japan was a success? Are there future plans to go back there?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I think Japan was a success for me personally. I do plan on returning to Zero One, perhaps sometime in November.

CAGEMATCH: Let’s talk about EPIC Pro Wrestling. This promotion has the chance to become “the next big thing”. What do you thing about the concept behind EPIC? Do you see yourself as a part of this for a long time?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: So far, Epic has been a good place to wrestle They seem to be doing everything right so far. If the have the longevity to succeed is yet to be determined, however they have treated me good and been fair with me every time I wrestle there. I hope for everyone\'s sake in California they keep up the good work.

CAGEMATCH: On to Phoenix Championship Wrestling. You had a lot of matches there and one can say, you are succesful there. What do you think about PCW and your part there?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: PCW is one of my favorite places to wrestle. Donnie B. runs things like a good business man should. I know I will always have a quality opponent there, and the shows are a lot of fun. PCW is definitely one of the best Indy feds in the country.

CAGEMATCH: Let’s talk about NWA:TNA. Did they call you, to get you on their show or are you in contact with the Jarretts?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I haven\'t had a chance to get in touch with NWA TNA as of yet. It is defiantly something I will be looking into.

CAGEMATCH: Have you heard about the Ring of Honor promotion in Philadelphia? If so, what do you think about their concept of presenting more pure wrestling with a smaller part of entertainment?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I have been to a few ring of honor shows. The shows are very, very good. The wrestling in incredible. The put together all the matches the fans want to see. Everyone givess 100% at the shows it seems. They are doing everything right. Another promotion that is run by people that actually know what they are doing.

CAGEMATCH: You held several titles in your career and currently are the PCW Television Champion. Does “wearing a championship belt” mean something to you?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Wearing a championship belt is cool because the promoter of that federation that you are champion of has the confidence in your abilities to put his belt on you. Other then that, I mean, who doesn\'t want to be a champion?

CAGEMATCH: The wrestling business is a hard way to get a living. Are there some guys in this business you consider as close friends? Do you have some “enemies” you don’t like to work with?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I try to keep wrestling separate from my everyday life. That can be difficult, because I do live wrestling. I have made some very good friends in this business. Guys like Samoa Joe, the Havana Pitbulls, Spanky, Steve King, Nova, and the Ballard brothers are among them. Mikey Henderson is probably my best friend I have made in the wrestling business. I have no enemies that I know of.

CAGEMATCH: Tell us something about the person Frankie Kazarian, so we can learn something about your “way of life”.

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Frankie Kazarian is just a guy that eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. When I am not in the ring, I enjoy working out, going to the beach and river, going to church, movies, reading, and just hangin with friends. I am a pretty easy guy to get along with.

CAGEMATCH: If you had the knowledge you have got right know, would you start a wrestling career again or would a be a different decision?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I would still become wrestler if I knew the what I know now. I didn\'t know about all the political garbage that surrounds wrestling at times however. But nothing would ever stop me from achieving the goals I have set for myself.

CAGEMATCH: What are the future plans for Frankie Kazarian? Will you be in Japan, trying to get into WWE, become a part of NWA:TNA?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I am just gonna keep doing what I am doing. I plan to go back to Japan soon, as well as other international tours. My main goal is and always has been getting into the WWE. I will continue, and work harder every day of my life.

CAGEMATCH: What do you think about the fans? Do you feel fans today are too demanding? Is it to much “we want more high spots and bumps”?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: On the whole, fans are great. I have made some good friends talking to people after shows over the years. The fans are the reason i do what I do. There are a few fans that think they are much smarter then they are. That\'s fine. As long as they come to the show and support us, they can think what they want.

CAGEMATCH: What was the funniest story you’ve experienced inside a wrestling ring/locker room?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Wow. I have expiernced way to many stories to mention just one. There is a saying in this business, \"you cant make these things up,\" I have seen some hysterical things happen over the last 5 or 6 years. Lets just say you wouldn\'t believe some of the things I have seen and heard.

CAGEMATCH: Do you have a favourite promotion to work for and if so, why? Is there a promotion you consider your home?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: I enjoy wrestling for UPW, and PCW. I suppose UPW would be my home promotion. I enjoy all the promotions I wrestle for, they all offer something different.

CAGEMATCH: Is there anything you want to say to your German fans?

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: To my German fans, thanks for supporting wrestling in general. I look forward to performing for you real soon.

CAGEMATCH: Thanks a lot for answering our questions! We wish you all the best for your future!

FRANKIE KAZARIAN: Thank you, and I wish you all the best. God bless.


Sports Entertainment: What I love to do. What I will be doing for a long time to come.
\"Wrestling is fake!\": get in the ring, and show me what part of wrestling is so fake.
US Independent Wrestling: fun. I have a good time traveling around the country, seeing different styles of wrestling, and meeting all the talented guys in the country.
WWE: my dream. Always entertaining. The best wrestling out there.
Japan: a different style. Very hard hitting, very intense, very respectful.
Vince McMahon: Genius. The best promoter there will ever be in this industry. There will never be another.
Killer Kowalski: my friend and mentor. The kindest, most thoughtful human being I have ever met. One of the best bad guys wrestling will ever have. Also a genius.
Germany: A place I look forward to wrestling in very soon, with great fans.
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