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Jonny Storm (english)


Veröffentlicht am: 10.04.2003, 00:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Interview
Verfasser: XantaKlaus
CAGEMATCH: Thank you for giving us from the chance to ask some questions.

JONNY STORM: That´s cool. I like the German fans a lot.

CAGEMATCH: What first made you want to get into pro wrestling? Were you a wrestling fan growing up? When did you say, "That is what I want to do"? And what did your family/friends say about that?

JONNY STORM: It kind of just happened. I was always a fan and was at a british show and a guy there ran a school and asked me to come train, so I did. It just went from there. When I started making money to live off of that´s when I went full time. Friends think its cool, family don´t mind.

CAGEMATCH: In several interviews before, you said you had a lot of different trainers in your career. Who had the most influence on your style and attitue?

JONNY STORM: Probably only recently it was the best experience I´ve ever had working people like Jerry Lynn and Juvi as well as of course Doug Williams and Jody.

CAGEMATCH: The casual wrestling fan (in Germany) doesn´t know much about wrestling in the UK. Tom Billington, Davey Boy Smith and William Regal come to mind. Can you give us a brief overview about the standing of Pro Wrestling in the UK compared to soccer, rugby and other popular sports?

JONNY STORM: Wrestling in the UK is unfortunately not in the same league as soccer etc. cause there´s so much more money in the other sports as well as of course TV, which is vital. However the UK is the only place in the world where there can be shows everyday all year round.

CAGEMATCH: The Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) is the best known british wrestling promotion outside the UK, but of course it is not the only one. How many other established promotions are there and what is the reason one cannot read much about it in the internet? Is it still more traditional or 'oldschool', so they don´t care about internet and concentrate on local fans, or are the british internet fans only concerned with FWA?

JONNY STORM: The other promotions are the Wrestling Alliance and All Star Wrestling as well as the World Association of Wrestling. They are all good promotions but as you say, more traditional and concentrate more on the drawing of casual fans. They do care about the internet but the FWA is the one that really caters to them.

CAGEMATCH: Jody Fleisch, Doug Williams and you are the most established UK wrestlers outside the UK. Who is the "next big thing" so to say in british wrestling? Who will be the next star to suceed on an international basis?

JONNY STORM: You never know!!

CAGEMATCH: Now, let´s leave the United Kingdom and move on to Germany. You had matches in GWF, ACW, wXw and NAWA. Is there a big differnce in style, quality and crowd compared to the UK? And if your answer is yes, how would you describe that differnce?

JONNY STORM: I wouldn´t say it was that much different except in the UK the fans get into the shows more and interact more, which I really like. Other than that the companys I worked for in Germany, I´d compare more to a FWA crowd, kind of smart to wrestling and appriciative.

CAGEMATCH: And finally you had your breakthrough in the USA as well. You worked for Heartland Wrestling Association (a former WWE talent territory), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), Ring of Honor (RoH), Xtreme Professional Wrestling (XPW) and of course NWA Total Nonstop Action. What is your impression about those promotions? Especially XPW has a very bad reputation according to the 'allmighty internet'.

JONNY STORM: Don´t believe everything you read. I´ve got nothing but good things to say about all those promotions. All very professional and great fun to work for, it really is the place to be in the USA.

CAGEMATCH: I read a story you met Jeff Jarrett a few years back as a fan and now you met him again as a wrestler in NWA TNA. Did he recognize you and how did he react?

JONNY STORM: Yes he did, but that´s between me and him (LOL).

CAGEMATCH: As mentioned above, you trained in the HWA in WWE or WCW rings. Do you have the dream to work fulltime for WWE one day?

JONNY STORM: Of course I think everbody does, but I´m being realistic. I´d love to go there but as long as i can make a good living and enjoy what I do then I´m happy.

CAGEMATCH: You recently became the first ever XPW European Champion by beating Jerry Lynn. Is "wearing a championship belt" or "being a champion" something special for you?

JONNY STORM: Absolutely, especially the XPW belt. Myself and Jerry had probably the best match of my career so far that night and that made it even sweeter winning a belt. I´m a big believer in making championships mean something, so when they´re defended or lost it´s a big deal and not forgotten in a week.

CAGEMATCH: You proved in several matches with "Phoenix" Jody Fleisch that you can steal the show with your matches against wrestlers that prefer a style similar than yours. But you also had great matches with bigger guys like Doug Williams and Michael Kovac. What style do you prefer or doesn´t it matter to you because you can adapt virtually any style?

JONNY STORM: I enjoy it all to be honest, to have good matches is what I strive to do and it doesnt matter who it´s with or what style.

CAGEMATCH: Your wrestling style includes a lot of high flying and risk taking. Did you have any injuries resulting from it or are injuries always on your mind when you perform?

JONNY STORM: I´ve had a concussion before, but that wasn't down to me or high flying. At the moment I got a bad shoulder which isn´t good to work on, but I try to get through, but definetly injury is on my mind a lot now.

CAGEMATCH: What are your plans for the future? Maybe Jonny Storm heading to Japan to fight his arch nemesis Jody Fleisch on yet another continent or are you focused on Europe and the USA?

JONNY STORM: To be honest, I´ve never really thought about Japan. I´ve always thought I´m US style but if an opportunity came up, I´d definetly take it, especially to work Jody in Japan........

CAGEMATCH: What was the funniest story you’ve experienced inside a wrestling ring/locker room?

JONNY STORM: Alex Shane soiling himself, enough said.

CAGEMATCH: Is there anything you want to say to your German fans?

JONNY STORM: Yes I´m not sure of the spelling but... ich cocker.

CAGEMATCH: Thanks a lot for your time and answering our questions! We wish you all the best for your future!

JONNY STORM: Thank you. Hope to see you guys again real soon........laters from the wonderkid.


Jody Fleisch: tremendous
Sports Entertainment: part of wrestling
Vince McMahon: the man
Rob Black: cool guy
Shane Douglas: intelligent
Wrestling is fake: I didn't know
Gimmick Matches: don't ask me
Viking Hall (ECW Arena): history
Music: pop
Family: home
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