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Tommy Suede (english)


Veröffentlicht am: 13.01.2004, 00:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Interview
Verfasser: XantaKlaus
CAGEMATCH: Hey Tommy, thank you for giving us from the chance to ask some questions.

TOMMY SUEDE: No problem, thank you for giving me the opportunity.

CAGEMATCH: First of all, a lot of German wrestling fans might not know you or hardly know your name. Could you describe your wrestling style and your gimmick (including your valet and female wrestler Ariel) to all the readers out there?

TOMMY SUEDE: The style of wrestling I prefer is high flying but, being bigger then most other cruiserweights, I also use power moves and some hard strikes. My character in the ring is the same as it is out....cocky and arrogant. A lot of people aren't familiar with me or my valet because we work mainly for one promotion. My valet's name is Ariel,and for those of you who have never seen her, she is the most talented female in the sport hitting such moves as the 450 splash.

CAGEMATCH: What first made you want to get into pro wrestling? Were you a wrestling fan growing up? When did you say, "That is what I want to do?" And what did your family/friends say about that?

TOMMY SUEDE: I got into wrestling because I was always into sports and I was looking for an alternative to the structure and overall lack of fun in team sports. I did watch wrestling growing up but at around 14, I lost interest. It wasn't until I was around 19 that I watched it again. When I first told my family that I was interested in becoming a wrestler they thought I was crazy. They were only familiar with the big bruising wrestlers of the 80's and weren't even aware that guys under 250 lbs. wrestled. When I finally showed them tapes of what I was doing they quickly changed there minds and were very impressed with my aerial skills.

CAGEMATCH: You chose the Wild Samoan Training Center as wrestling school and stayed loyal there for over five years now. Why did you choose Afa and his team to train you in wrestling and since Philadelphia has to offer lots of promotions, why don´t you compete on a regular basis for other promotions to make a name for yourself?

TOMMY SUEDE: Well you have to understand when I started wrestling there was only one company in Philly and that was ECW. When I started wrestling I didn't know anything about the business. I was very fortunate to stumble upon the Wild Samoan Training Center. Under Afa's guidance I've gotten to experience a lot of great things in the wrestling world and have managed to avoid the bad parts of the business. The reason I don't go around making a name for myself is simple, Afa once told me that if you are going to go out and make a name make sure you are at your absolute best. I've had the privilege of wrestling for WXW for 5 years now and when it is time to move on I'll know that I am at the top of my game. In WXW I've been able to work with some of the very best in the business and those lessons will reflect in my in ring work.

CAGEMATCH: The best known student besides the Samoan family members of Afa is maybe WWE´s Batista. Other prominent talent who is associated with WXW is Low Ki, Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter. Could you give us a brief overview and description of the most important and gifted talent in WXW?

TOMMY SUEDE: Well Batista is one of the newer students out of the WSTC. Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon also trained at the school when it was in Allentown, PA but before that Afa trained countless others in his other schools. The WXW promotion sees countless stars come in and out on there way up. Besides who you already mentioned there was Dan Maff, Monsta Mac, Sinn, Homicide, the Backseat name a few from the past. Currently some stars include Mana, Mean Gene Snisky, X-treme Billy Dream, Supreme Lee Great, Los Lunatics and countless others. The thing WXW provides over other companies is a wide variety of styles. That is WXW's most important gift....its variety.

CAGEMATCH: You were part of WXW´s tour throughout US Army Bases in Asia. What was this like? Was it more fun to wrestle nearly each night at another town and you could do this more often or was it very exhausting and you were happy when it was over?

TOMMY SUEDE: It was one of the greatest experiences I've had in wrestling thus far. You would think that wrestling every night you'd get tired or bored but I had more energy the last night then the first. I didn't want it to end and working full time is something I'd love to do.

CAGEMATCH: Then, of course, you had your first WWE darkmatch last year. What was that experience like for you. How do you see your chances to end up in the WWE one day and is this your main goal?

TOMMY SUEDE: This by far was the most exciting experience of my career. I was a little nervous coming in to it but when they announced my name and I walked down that ramp I felt great. Most times the WWE crowds are tough on "no name" guys. We had the added pressure of two no name guys in a match as I wrestled Gene Snisky. As soon as I came out the crowd was really in to it. As far as what my chances are of making the WWE full time...I don't know. With Afa's advice and a lot of hard work I plan on pursuing it as a goal.

CAGEMATCH: Last December you participated in ACW´s Wild Christmas Show in Germany. What were your expectations before the show to wrestle in Germany and what were your thoughts on European wrestling after having seen some of europe´s best wrestlers in the ring?

TOMMY SUEDE: I heard a lot of positive things about European wrestling coming into that match. I was excited at the opportunity. After wrestling Jonny Storm, one of Europe's best, I have to say European wrestling is great and I can't wait for an opportunity to try it out again.

CAGEMATCH: Your wrestling style includes a lot of high flying and risk taking. Did you have any injuries resulting from it or are injuries always on your mind when you perform?

TOMMY SUEDE: Injury in any sport is inevitable but if you go in thinking about it that's when you usually get hurt. Most of my injuries in wrestling occurred on basic moves and hold. I broke my jaw on a single leg take down, I broke my ear drum on a slap to the face, and I tore my knee just jumping in the ring. So, you can't just worry about the big moves.

CAGEMATCH: Is wrestling getting more dangerous because the fans want to see dangerous spots and crazier weapons or is this just a small group of fans in your opinion?

TOMMY SUEDE: The hardcore fans have seen it all and expect a little more. They become very hard to please because like I said they've seen it all. It isn't the fans fault though, wrestlers tend to give them too much in one match. In Afa's day the Samoan Drop was a it is a set up for a finish or sometimes just a regular move. It is the wrestler job to give the fans enough to make them happy but not too much to make them spoiled.

CAGEMATCH: You are quite a title decorated wrestler. You held the WXW Tag Team Titles, the WXW Hardcore Title, the WXW Cruiserweight Title and the TV Title. Is "wearing a championship belt" or "being a champion" something special for you?

TOMMY SUEDE: It is what being wrestler is about in a sense. American football players play to win the Superbowl. Baseball players play to win the World Series and Wrestlers wrestle for championships. Now people take that for granted but a belt is a special thing..

CAGEMATCH: Now, you are one of the trainers in the Wild Samoan trainings camp. Do you have some advices for people in Germany who want to become a wrestler?

TOMMY SUEDE: Yes, seek the proper training. It is important. If you want to make it in the wrestling business you have to learn from someone who has made it themselves. If someone hasn't been to the top of the mountain, how are they supposed to show you the path to the top. Now your goals might not be the WWE or anything of that nature but seek help from someone with wrestling experience and know how. I've traveled to Germany recently and I have to say that the ACW school has its act together and is a good place to learn.

CAGEMATCH: What was the funniest story you’ve experienced inside a wrestling ring/locker room?

TOMMY SUEDE: That's a very tough choice...there have been many.Drunk SLG urinating on himself is up there though.....Kids don't drink or you could end up just like

CAGEMATCH: From all the wrestlers out there you haven´t faced yet, against whom would you like to wrestle most and why?

TOMMY SUEDE: Probably A.J. Styles because I hear a lot of good things about him and from what I've seen we have similar pun intended.

CAGEMATCH: Is there any wrestler who had the most influence on you and you thought: "I want to become like that guy and wrestle like him"?

TOMMY SUEDE: I really liked Rey Mysterio, Jr. when I first got into the business but I do not share the same style as him. My style was influenced by Hayabusa. I try to develop my own thing though.

CAGEMATCH: What do you do in your free time when you´re not standing in the squared circle?

TOMMY SUEDE: I spend most of my time with my girlfriend and at the gym working out. If I'm not at the gym I'm sleeping, eating or watching TV.

CAGEMATCH: Is there anything you want to say to your German fans?

TOMMY SUEDE: Thank you for the making me feel welcomed and being supportive at the shows.


Afa: father figure
Afa Jr.: multitalented
Supreme Lee Great: dedicated
Germany: beautiful country
Wrestling is fake: try it yourself then
WWE: top level
Sports Entertainment: what its all about
Vince McMahon: genius
Favorite Gimmick Match: ladder
music: Pearl Jam
family: making them proud
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