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"I'm gonna tear you apart in New York City!"


Datum: 13.01.2000
Liga: World Wrestling Federation
Veranstaltung: WWF SmackDown #22
Fehde: Der Geist, den er rief: Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: "First of all... we'd like to clear up a misunderstanding. As it pertains to Monday Night on RAW, no World Wrestling Federation superstars are leaving this company. Triple H and I have righted the wrong, and (as always) we've dealt with things in a very fair manner. Now, we're a little bit confused, because we don't understand why any one of you would ever threaten to leave; I mean, you can always talk to us. We're - our - our doors are always open - we're - we're fair! But there is one thing to remeber. There is only ONE McMahon running this company right now. And that's ME - Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. And I just happen to be married to the World Wrestling Federation champion - THE GAME - TRIPLE H!"

Triple H: "Now, you know after Monday... after Monday, I can't help but feel the need to, to come out here and apologise. To humbly stand before people and just say 'hey, I'm sorry. I apologise.' Not to any of you! And certainly not to any of the fifty ingrates that surrounded this ring threatening to walk. Because those fifty people do not understand the sacrifice that the two of us put out each and every week for them. We are their leaders - for them, and I am their, and I am YOUR World Wrestling Federation champion - for YOU! So I make no apologies to you - but I do make apologies to DX.

I was wrong - we all made mistakes, and I tried to fix those mistakes with tough love. I did to you as I would have you do to me, I showed you tough love, and you showed me tough love back. Dogg, Billy, X-Pac, Monday night - when you walked out on me, you showed me tough love, and you made me realise the error of MY ways. So now I'm here to apologise to you, and not only apologise but to right the wrong. Tonight, I will show you just how sorry I am. And I will start with the Outlaws. Dogg, Billy - tonight, I will make a match - this is kinda good and bad, but bear with me for a second, because tonight, In This Very Ring, the two of you... will face... in a Handicap match - Bradshaw of the Acolytes! No disqualification, and if Faarooq interferes in the match, the Acolytes lose their shot at the tag titles at the Rumble.

Now for the bad, I do feel sorry about this, but you're gonna have to work twice tonight - you're gonna have to get in this ring twice, because when you finish THAT match, you'll have to come back out here and face (in a Handicap match) Faarooq of the Acolytes in a no DQ match, and if Bradshaw interferes, the Acolytes will lose their shot at the tag team titles at the Rumble. Now X-Pac, you and I have been the tightest. Kid, you're like a brother to me, so you and I are gonna get in this ring tonight, together. We're gonna stand side-by-side and we are gonna take on ... the Big Show...and the Rock.

Now, as for Mick Foley... as for Mankind... if Monday, you thought you had me backed against a wall - sorry, but you were wrong. Monday, Mick Foley, I beat you in the center of this ring one, two, three, and I left you laying in a puddle of your own blood. Now Mick Foley, at the Rumble in New York City - what you experienced Monday is gonna just be a small taste of what you will receive at the Rumble. Mick Foley, your blood will stain New York City - I promise you that - and I will beat you worse than you have ever been beaten in your entire life!

But... Mick, I know you're in the back - I know you're here. After all, we so ever graciously reinstated you. So, Mick, I'll tell you what. I've got nowhere to go, I've got nowhere special to be. So if you got the guts, we don't have to wait 'til the Rumble, why don't you bring it down here right now...and I will finish what I started Monday! Come on, show some o' that ... testicular fortitude you always talking about and make the walk into the ring with The Game...let's get it done!"

[Die Mankind-Kopie, gespielt von Al Snow, kommt zum Ring. Er versucht Triple H das Mikro zu entreißen und schafft es nach einer Weile.]

Fake Mankind: "First things first... I'd just like to say that I'm sorry you had to kick my butt last Monday on RAW, and I'm sorry that you're probably the greatest wrestler I've ever seen, watched or thought about my entire life - and I'd just like to apologise, Triple H, because every time I see you, it just makes me feel more pathetic."

Triple H: "You're the most pathetic person I have ever met in my life."

Fake Mankind: "You know something, I've been pathetic for my whole life, especially for the last couple of weeks, and - I tell you what, I'm kinda gettin' to like it!"

[Der wahre Mankind kommt heraus, immer noch in seinem von RAW blutigen Hemd.]

Mankind: "Triple H - that is ENOUGH! ["Foley! Foley!"] Is this what you get off on? Making fun of me - how much more do you want from me? First... you take away my job - then you bring this idiot out there, and you take away my dignity. Then, Monday night, in what should have been the greatest night of my life when I was reinstated on RAW is WAR, you take me, and you ruin my shirt, and you ruin my face, and I'll be honest, when I stepped into that shower and I let the cold water run down on my head, and I look down on that blood as it swirled around in that shower drain, I started thinking a little bit about what Mankind was.

Now, Mankind - is an entertaining son of a gun; Mankind - is a pretty damn good author; Mankind - is one tough SOB. And Mankind is one hell of a fighter. So it saddens me to say that after the beating you gave me on Monday night, one thing Mankind is not - is ready to face you in a street fight at the Royal Rumble in Madison Square Garden. Because you are, without a doubt, The Game. You are the best in the business right now... [Triple H grinst selbstzufrieden von Ohr zu Ohr.]

And as you said, well, Mankind in some ways is nothing more than a beaten up, pathetic fool, but I think the WWF fans deserve a substitute in that match... what I'm gonna do, Triple H, is I'm gonna name him right now, as a matter of fact, I think you know the guy... [Er wirft die Mankind-Maske weg und reißt das Hemd auf.] ...and I think you know him pretty damn well - his name is CACTUS JACK! [Triple H schüttelt ungläubig den Kopf.] And his first official act, as part of the WWF, is to kick your teeth all over the city of Chicago!"

[Cactus Jack rennt zum Ring und verprügelt den Fake Mankind, während Triple H flüchtet.]

Cactus Jack: "Triple H - at the Royal Rumble - you're gonna make me bleed? I've got some news for you - it will not be the first time, and it sure as hell will not be the last, because I've got an awful lot of blood to give! But as far as you - you look into my eyes and realise I mean every word when I tell you I'm gonna tear you apart in New York City! And then... I will take what you hold dearest - I'm talking about your cherished WWF championship belt - I will take it - and it will be MINE - MINE - ALL MINE! Bangbang!"
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# Datum Titel Liga Worker Wertung
1 07.02.2000 "I will end your fifteen year career, and it will be over!" World Wrestling Entertainment Cactus Jack, Triple H 9.09
2 03.02.2000 "You guys are simply average" World Wrestling Entertainment Cactus Jack, Triple H  
3 20.01.2000 "Do not bring your children to Madison Square Garden" World Wrestling Entertainment Triple H, Cactus Jack 8.63
4 17.01.2000 "You woke up the SOB" World Wrestling Entertainment Cactus Jack, Triple H 9.29
Jüngste Kommentare der CAGEMATCH-Insassen
Smi-48 schrieb am 02.05.2013:
[10.0] "Ganz starkes Ding mit der noch intensiveren Wiederholung der Mankind-to-Cactus Transformation aus 1997. Foley öffnet vier Knöpfe am Hemd und wird vom geprügelten Hund zur ernsthaften Titelbedrohung. Inhaltlich wie handwerklich stark und sprühend vor Intensität."
Rated R Champ schrieb am 05.11.2011:
[10.0] "Der Moment als Foley sich das Hemd runterreißt und dazu Hunters ungläubiger Gesichtsausdruck ist einfach Gold wert. Hier stimmt einfach alles."
Steini234 schrieb am 05.11.2011:
[10.0] "Ich denke, wenn eine Promo (zumindest bei mir) Gänsehaut auslöst, dann kann man davon ausgehen, dass Triple H und Mankind/Cactus Jack ihre Sache sehr, sehr gut gemacht haben. Man konnte zwar das schwarze Cactus Jack-T-Shirt unter dem Hemd durchschimmern sehen, aber das ist wahrlich nebensächlich. Für diese Promo sind einfach nicht weniger als 10 Punkte drin. Chapeau an HHH und Foley!"
FriarFerguson schrieb am 30.06.2011:
[10.0] "Wer die Promo gesehen hat, kommt an der Höchstnote nicht vorbei. Schade nur, dass sich wenige Insassen die Mühe machen, sie zu bewerten."
real american schrieb am 02.01.2008:
[10.0] "Wieder nal ein super Segment in dieser Fehde, Mankind wird "wiedergeboren" und Hunters Minenspiel tut das übrige um diesen Moment legendär zu machen."
Medi schrieb am 22.10.2007:
[10.0] "Bangbang, elektrizierend wenn Foley.... oh pardon, Cactus Jack so redet."
LexLuger4ever schrieb am 22.10.2007:
[10.0] "Legendär! Vor allem die Worte "it will not be the first time and it sure as hell won`t be the last" sind für mich persönlich absolut unvergessen - und dass nach all den Jahren..."
Matt Macks schrieb am 21.10.2007:
[10.0] "Der Moment, als Cactus Jack "zurückkehrt", ist mir neben den eigentlichen Matches am meisten von dieser tollen Fehde im Gedächtnis geblieben. Ganz toller Angle!"

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