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In unseren Dokumentationen kannst du stundenlang die Geschichte des Wrestlings nacherleben. Der Monday Night War, die New World Order, die Brand Extension, die Geschichte der Kliq, des Intercontinental Championship oder des Puroresu gehören zu den Themen, die umfangreich in vielen bebilderten Kapiteln und Statistiken dokumentiert wurden. Wenn du Zeit und Interesse für die Wrestlinggeschichte hast, dann darfst du unsere Dokumentationen nicht verpassen.

"I will continue my crusade as long as there are people who need help"


Datum: 27.11.2009
Liga: World Wrestling Entertainment
Veranstaltung: WWE Friday Night SmackDown #536 (Card mit Matchguide)
Fehde: Geknickter Missionar: CM Punk vs. R-Truth & Matt Hardy
CM Punk: "Last week I extended a hand to the WWE Universe in a much needed intervention. I don't know if you people know this or not, but I'm not the only one who knows that pills and cigarettes and alcohol are harmful. The medical science has proven this. There's a Surgeon General put in place to put warning labels on all of these products. I gotta see it's just there to warn the smart people who already know, huh? This is my crusade. And I will continue my crusade as long as there are people who need help. As long as there are people out there who need change in their lives.

One person in particular I've been helping for quite some time now. I'd like to introduce him to the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Luke Gallows. [Der neben ihm stehende Hüne hebt posierend den Arm] That's right. Some of you may recognized him. As Festus. But that was a lifetime ago. And it's a lifetime that he just as soon forget. It's a lifetime of torturous drug abuse and neglect. You see, it started just like it starts for all of you people. One, one little pill. Just one pill to take the edge off. One painkiller. And then one turns to two, two turns to four, four turns to eight, so on and so forth. And sure his friends, his family were there. But they enabled him. They didn't help him. They thought they were, but they were slowly rotting him from the inside out. But then I helped him. Just like I could help all of you. Trust me, this is just the start. This doesn't end here, this begins here and now. I will continue to reach out and help those who can't help themselves. [hebt demonstrativ eine braune Tüte nach oben]

On December, 1st— this is scary, people, pay attention! On December 1st, a very dangerous, addictive new drug hits the streets. Now this scares me, because it's a socially accepted over-the-counter drug and it's gonna be widely available all over the world. And it's scary, because it's more dangerous than any prescribed medication. It's more harmful than chain-smoking an entire carton of unfiltered cigarettes. It is more dangerous than corroding your liver with a fifth of gin or wodka and then chasing it with your daddy's favorite beer. [entnimmt den Gegenstand aus der Tüte und hält das neueste DVD-Set von Jeff Hardy in die Höhe]

'Jeff Hardy. My life. My rules.' And what an appropriate title - for a loser who destroyed his life and his career living by "his rules". And what makes me sick to my stomach is Jeff didn't just ruin his life, he didn't just end his career— ['Hardy'-Chants] He ruined the lives of all his fans, because he's planted seeds of destruction in all of the people. All of drug addicts like yourself who actually looked up to the Charismatic Enabler like he was some sort of a prophet.

Well, if you people have any brain cells left, if there's anything left of your memory that's not burned out, all's you need to know is the last chapter of this DVD is the most important one you need to watch, because it tells the whole story. It's a Cage Match between myself and Jeff Hardy. Where I ended Jeff's career here in the WWE. Forever! I'm the reason he's not here! And I know how hard it is to deprogram your weak, little brains from all the lies you've been fed over the years. But you owe it to yourselves. Look yourself in the mirror, search inside yourself for that little shred of self-respect that might be left. And when it comes to this garbage, just say No. Because this, this in my hands right here—" [Die Musik von CM Punks Gegner Matt Hardy unterbricht ihn und Matt betritt den Ring]

Matt Hardy: "Punk. You come out here and preach to each and every one of these people to follow your beliefs like you're some sort of cult leader. The thing you didn't get about my brother Jeff Hardy is that he's a free spirit. And sure, he's got his flaws. We all do. Even you. But you only targeted him, because he wouldn't follow your rhetoric, he wouldn't follow your nonsense. And other than demonizing my brother for his lifestyle, you don't know anything about Jeff Hardy!"

Punk: "Oh, wait. I don't know anything about Jeff? What I know about Jeff is if he listened to me, if he searched and found the Straight Edge inside of himself instead of living for the moment, he'd have more of a future crawl out of a bottle."

Hardy: "And if you'd come out of your soapbox for a moment, CM Punk, maybe you wouldn't be the FORMER Straight Edge Champion." [Anschließend beginnt das Match der beiden]
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Jüngste Kommentare der CAGEMATCH-Insassen
Uzu schrieb am 30.11.2009:
[9.0] "Mir hat die Promo sehr gut gefallen!!! Ich finde auch die Idee mit Festus sehr gut und die indirekte Werbung für Jeff Hardys neue DVD lässt sich doch auch sehen."
Basket Case schrieb am 30.11.2009:
[8.0] "Punks Part fand ich gut, die Sache mit Festus ist auch nicht so schlecht. Hardy dagegen kann mich am Mic einfach nicht überzeugen."
Booker C schrieb am 29.11.2009:
[3.0] "Das war nichts. Es liegt nicht an Punk, sondern am Inhalt seiner Promos. Sie wiederholen sich immer wieder und irgendwann kann ich das nicht einfach mehr hören. Schon schade, dass man erst durch die Einbindung des Names Jeff Hardy Zuschauerreaktionen bekommt..."
Matt Macks schrieb am 28.11.2009:
[4.0] "Punk wirkte selbst ein wenig unsicher und irritiert während der Promo. Kein Wunder, hat die x-te Auflageder selben Promo natürlich so gut wie gar keinen Effekt mehr. Festus/Gallows an der Seite zieht den Eindruck ebenfalls runter, weil niemand die halbgare Erklärung ernst nehmen kann, die für dessen Charakterwandel gegeben wurde. Matt ist am Mikro auch nicht unterhaltsamer als sonst."

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