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"If you fail to comply with even one of our demands then last week was just the beginning"


Datum: 14.06.2010
Liga: World Wrestling Entertainment
Veranstaltung: WWE Monday Night RAW #890 (Card mit Matchguide)
Fehde: Die Invasion der Rookies: Cena vs. Nexus
Wade Barrett: "For those of you who don't know me: My name is Wade Barrett. I am the Season One Winner of NXT. And the reason I'm in this ring right now is because the general manager of Raw earlier today demanded that I come here and apologize for my actions last week. Well, what I wanna do right now, I wanna invite down the rest of the NXT athletes so we can do this properly. Gentlemen?"

[Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Michael Tarver, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield und Darren Young kommen durchs Publikum in die Arena und in den Ring]

"Heath Slater, please apologize."

Heath Slater: "Absolutely not! I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Wade Barrett: "Justin Gabriel, please apologize."

Justin Gabriel: "Never! I still have goosebumps from what we did last week."

Wade Barrett: "Skip Sheffield, apologize."

Skip Sheffield: "No apologies, no regrets."

Wade Barrett: "Michael Tarver, are you feeling apologetic?"

Michael Tarver: "The look of fear in everyones eyes last week lived on the sweetest of all of my dreams. Why would I apologize. And there's no one in the WWE who can make me."

Wade Barrett: "Darren Young, please apologize to the world."

Darren Young: "Not a chance. I had the time of my life last week."

Wade Barrett: "David Otunga, you're the final one. Please save us all. Just apologize."

David Otunga: "Apologize? For what? After the way we were treated. Sure. They need to apologize to us. You know what I'm sayin'?"

Wade Barrett: "Well, well, well. It looks like it's unanimous. You see the problem with NXT was, we were treated like dirt. We were treated like animals. And when you treat people like animals, sooner or later they gonna start to behave like animals. Now we were made to change in a locker room no bigger than a broom chamber. We were made to compete in ridiculous challenges. We were at the mercy of over-callous WWE pros. And then worst of all we had WWE managements who were so fate to change the rules on us on a moment's notice - who eliminated us on a whip and who, to be quite honest, tried to make an international joke out of all of us. The last time I looked, jokes were ment to be funny. And I didn't see anyone laughing after Raw last week. Because we distroyed this ring. We beat the living daylights out of the WWE Champion and we impressed everybody who was watching us. So let me assure everyone right now..."

[Barrett wird von der Musik von Bret Hart unterbrochen und der General Manager tritt auf die Rampe]

Bret Hart: "You guys look pretty proud of yourselves. Where I come from eight guys on one doesn't make ya tough. To me that makes you more cowards than anything else. Last week you attacked John Cena, you attacked CM Punk and you also beat up the Straight Edge Society, you beat up much of the security, roughed up a ring announcer, roughed up a time keeper, and you maddened the hell out of a Hall of Famer."

Wade Barrett: "You know it's funny you should say that. 'Cause we had another member. A member the name of Daniel Bryan. And strangely enough he felt exactly the same way that you did. He actually had some remorse. So let me assure you right now: You will never ever see Daniel Bryan here again. Now what's your point, pa?"

Bret Hart: "Now my point is, despite everything John Cena will be at the Championship Pay Per View Fatal Fourway next Sunday, wheather you like it or not."

Wade Barrett: "John Cena, right? John Cena. This has nothing to do with John Cena. You see, this has got nothing to do with the people in this arena. This is between us and WWE management. You see, the truth we told: Aside from a few over-callous ex-NXT-pros, we haven't got a problem with a single person in the WWE locker room. You know, the simple fact is this: We could stay out here all night arguing. But I think we need to get down to business. And the way I see it right now the business is this: I've got a WWE contract. I've got a WWE title opportunity at a Pay Per View of my choosing. But this group behind me - they got some demands of their own."

Bret Hart: "Oh yeah. Well, what would those be?"

David Otunga: "Like Wade Barrett, we all want guarenteed WWE contracts. We want our own private dressing rooms - no more changing in closets and hall ways. And of course we want Frist Class travel accombinations all the way around. Now if you fail to comply with even one of our demands then last week, Hart, was just the beginning."

Wade Barrett: "Now then. Before you say another word, let me remind you of this. Two weeks ago Mr. McMahon informed you, that as general manager of Raw you would have some very very difficult decisions to make. I assure you right now, this one, this isn't a difficult decision. This one's easy. So what I have behind me is a group of men who are highly polished young athletes. These men could be the future of this company. They're dressed, they're here, they're ready to fight. All they need is a contract. You could change history by giving them that contract."

Bret Hart: "Well, you know, you're right about that. It is my job, to go out there and search and find new fresh talents. But with that in mind, my answer for you is NO! I'm not gonna sign any of you guys. As far as I'm concerned..."

Wade Barrett: "Oh let me assure you, you are making a very very big mistake here."

Bret Hart: "You are the one that's makin' a mistake, my friend. You've already made a mistake when you attacked Cena on Raw last week. You made the biggest mistake of your life. I'm not gonna sign any of you guys. The truth is: on account of your actions you're no longer the new superstar next breakout star for WWF. And no more... you can forget that idea having a championship match at any Pay Per View of your choice. It's not gonna happen anymore. And you wanna know why? Because you're fired!

Now as for the rest of you guys, get the hell outta that ring right now or you don't leave me any choice but to call the police and have you physically removed for trespassing. So get out. You're all though, you're done - Wheather you like it or not."

[Begleitet von "Hey Hey Goodbye" Chants treten die Mannen um Wade Barrett den Rückzug an]
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Jüngste Kommentare der CAGEMATCH-Insassen
SweetMetalMusic schrieb am 05.09.2012:
[8.0] "Barrett ist am Mirko sehr sicher und macht seine Sache sehr gut. Otungas Ansprache ist auch in Ordnung. Die restlichen Mitglieder haben ja eh nur einen Satz zum vortragen. Bret jedoch hält seine Promos nicht mehr so gut wie in der Vergangenheit, was ja auch gesundheitlich bedingt ist. Insgesamt vom Inhalt und vom Vortragen her ein gutes Segment."
Smi-48 schrieb am 06.03.2011:
[8.0] "Ganz interessante Promo - die NEXUS-Attacke der Vorwoche musste erklärt werden, und das wird sie - simpel aber plausibel. Interessant besonders deshalb, weil Barrett wirklich bereits unglaublich reif am Mic erscheint, seine Promo ist subtiler und angenehmer zu konsumieren als jede, die ich bis dahin von Sheamus oder McIntyre gesehen habe. Auch Bret Hart zeigt sich in starker Verfassung - seine Reaktion ist die eines Companyman, ebenso nachvollziehbar und einfach strukturiert - wie das Anliegen der NEXUS. Nach dieser Promo weiss jeder, dass das nicht das Schlusswort gewesen sein kann und man ist gespannt wie es weitergeht. Check, Aufgabe erfüllt, nicht abgestunken, gute Promo."
Booker C schrieb am 31.07.2010:
[6.0] "Gute, erste Promo von Nexus. Doch trotzdem können mit solchen Talenten am Mic bessere Promos entstehen."
Basket Case schrieb am 30.07.2010:
[8.0] "Gute Promo, vor allem von Wade Barrett, der wirklich richtig stark am Mic ist. Die ganze Geschichte um Nexus war da richtig richtig gut. Einzig Bret Hart zieht die Promo etwas runter, er wirkt unsicher am Mic."

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